Parenting Or Child Rearing Is The Process Of Promoting And Supporting The Physical, Emotional, Social, And

Parenting Or Child Rearing Is The Process Of Promoting And Supporting The Physical, Emotional, Social, And

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What is parenting? Parenting has many different definitions depending who is asked, some might say it 's the highlight of their day while others may share how they regret or dread going home, but the real definition of Parenting is; the raising of a child by its parents, or the process of becoming a parent. It is stated within Wikipedia that, “Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.” It also mentions that parenting is including the aspects of raising a child outside the biological relationship.
Once understanding what parenting really is it becomes more personalized, as their are many aspects that can change how one parents, such as age, race, religion, financial status, the amount of children, and where one lives. Different parenting styles are also incorporated, these are more general and describe the common traits of the relationships between parent and child while the before factors can be added to the styles and personalize them to each family. There are four styles that are commonly displayed, Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive, and Neglecting/Rejecting, although Permissive and Neglecting/Rejecting are commonly grouped together.
Another important question that needs to be answered is, What is Evil? How can one justify a parenting style as a part of the development of evil if there is no base understanding. When you search online you’re met with the basic description of profoundly immoral and malevolent, or morally bad or wrong, but to fully understand the word you must look to one 's self, what do you consider evil? Do you think stealing is evil? You may say it 's morally wrong, ...

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...expression and one 's uniqueness, while Asian American believe in interdependence, group solidarity, and social hierarchy. The study mainly focused on noticing the differences between the two cultures and how it affected the teenagers showing that parents who cared more for their child 's self independence and individuality have higher self esteem showing they experience a more authoritative parenting style while Asian Americans tend to have a stronger family connection and respect for elders but still must listen without skepticism showing they live in a more authoritarian style family. Now they may experience one of the styles that is not considered the best but that doesn’t mean they are very likely to commit crimes, being as they do have a support system since their families are very connected, likely if they do commit a crime it is in order to help their family.

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