Parenting Is Not An Easy Task Essay

Parenting Is Not An Easy Task Essay

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Zachary Montenieri
ENG122: English Composition II (PTF1505G)
Professor Katie Surber
March 3rd 2015

Parenting is not an easy task as many would agree. It involves providing a secure, safe and nurturing environment to one’s children, as well us shaping them into responsible and successful adults in the future. It requires flexibility to meet the unique needs of individual children, the firmness to set needed limits and the maturity to sometimes set aside your needs and desires for the benefit of your children ( It is every parents wish that their child will grow up to be a successful person who the can be resourceful to the family and the society as a whole and not a liability to the society. However, that is not usually the case as we all can attest to. According to professionals at Boys Town (2015), a child’s behavior, good or bad, is learned. Furthermore, learned behavior takes a lot of practice and modelling to acquire, and change does not happen by waving a magic wand over children. (Boys Town 2015). This article will address the issues of parenting ethics by looking at an ideal parent-child relationship; with a look at the different parenting styles and their impact on the child’s life, principles of good parenting as well as the challenges of good parenting.
Ideal Parent-Child Relationship
The basis for any ideal human relationship should be that built on the concept of mutual respect. This should also be the case when it comes to the parent-child relationship. For a long time, the pendulum used to swing too far on one side with parents believing they deserve respect from their children, without any obligation to respect them back. ...

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... is however not possible to endorse any parenting style as this depends on the nature of the parent and the child’s temperament. However as Steinberg says, “the key concept is to know what the parent wants the child to learn”. For a parent to have a successful parenting experience they need to follow the basic ten principles of good ethical parenting as outlined by Steinberg.

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