Parenting, Culture, And Child Learning And Development Essay

Parenting, Culture, And Child Learning And Development Essay

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Iruka, Iheoma U. Durden, Tonia Kennel, Portia (2015). Changing Faces: Parenting, Culture, and Child Learning and Development: Zero to Three, 35 (4). 10-18.
“Parents are central to children’s health, development, and memorizing. This is often the case in early childhood where the types of interactions that parents have with their children, the cognitive stimulation they provide, and the home environments they create, lay the foundation for future life and academic success.”
In this professional peer reviewed article, the authors are amplifying the important role which parents play when nurturing their children starting from conception. They are all in agreement that parents are the first line of defense for their offspring; whether it is emotional, well-being, or spiritual. These aspects of bonding are paramount to a child’s developing trusting relationship as they grow. Bonding, defines the child’s stability cognitively or emotionally. Thus, in today’s society we see a significant shift in responsibility while parents are fully engaged at work, caregivers are the primary source of care and bonding with children; which makes this complicated in a sense. The bonding between the caregiver and the child can be much stronger than the parents because they spend the majority of time with the child. As Piaget theorized, the most important time in a baby’s life is 0-1yr. It is a crucial time of bonding in trust vs distrust including moral development. In addition, it is the tie the binds the relationship teaching the child the difference between strangers and parents.
Piaget, J (1997). The Moral Judgment of the Child (14).
“… The very simplest social games, on the contrary, we are in the presence of rules which have been collaborating wi...

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...their peers. It shows children that acquire loving, trusting relationships with their parents are more likely to be successful. On the other hand, children that lack the interrelations tend to be more unstable and struggles to function, not only in school, but in general; which goes on into adulthood including work and leisure time. In addition, bonding must be established while extremely young for stability.
In conclusion, the significance in the bonding between the parents and the children is most highly important. According to all of these theorists, they all agree that it makes a difference in the child’s rearing and understanding of parents. In fact, it is highly important to generate such bond in the early stages of life, which will play a major role in their adolescents, teen and adult lives. This special bond is everlasting between parents and child.

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