Essay on Parental Parenting And Parenting Styles

Essay on Parental Parenting And Parenting Styles

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Diana Baurmind and Alfred Adler have similar categories of parenting styles. Authoritative parenting can be compared to democratic and encouraging. Both of these styles offer love and security of the child. They express the parent is in control, but the parent also respect their child with explaining parental actions in a positive way. Permissive parenting can be compared to over-submissive parenting style. The child is rude, and demanding. The parent usually accepts the child’s behavior. In my opinion, the parent does not want to upset the child, or bother with correcting the behavior, so they will give in by rewarding the child in order to correct the child’s behavior. Authoritarian parenting can be compared to over-coercive parenting. These parents are very strict with children. My father can be compared to this parenting style. There was no reasoning, no communication, and his actions were final. This kind of parenting reminds me of being in the military. Finally, uninvolved parenting can be compared to neglecting parenting. I almost wanted to compare uninvolved to rejecting, but I cannot necessarily say the parent has denied acceptance. The parent is selfish, and does not even provide the bare minimum for their child’s necessities. I can compare this type of parenting from a 16 year old mother from the show Teen Mom’s. Jenelle had her son Andrew at a very young age. After his birth, she was distance and cared more about partying. Her mother gained full custody of Andrew to prevent Jenelle from taking Andrew and possibly neglecting him.
The advantages of listing four major parenting style is because I believe these are the major categories. There are different types of parenting styles that coincide with each other. For examp...

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...rough the hard head phase. I discipline my children two different ways. My attitude depends on their behavior. Usually most of the time, I try to use the authoritative parenting style. I try to explain to them why they are in trouble, and encourage my kids to always talk to me whenever they have an issue. I don’t like to physically discipline my children. There are various ways that I discipline: time out, taking their video games away, no television, etc. Sometimes my children will ignore their punishment, and I will have to enforce stricter rules. Authoritarian parenting will then have my children attention. (My mother calls me a drill sergeant) In order to get my children to respond, I have to let them know that I am the parent. I have to be hard on them so they can get a better understanding that I am serious. These methods have worked for me, and my children.

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