Parental Involvement : Children And Their Special Needs Essay

Parental Involvement : Children And Their Special Needs Essay

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Parental Involvement
In another course, we were reading about students and their special needs, a classmate mentioned in her discussion how she had a daughter who was doing really well in school, but all of sudden her marks started to drop, after assessment her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder). My classmate went on and showed the psychologist, “he suggested a more structured (strict) classroom and teacher for her learning. He also gave information on her diagnosis and I worked with her all summer with his suggestions ……. My daughter was very receptive to the suggestions of the psychologist and we worked together all summer to prepare her for whatever type of classroom she was in. Luckily, we had the best teacher fit for her and her marks were back up into the A’s again.” (Curriculum Studies in Science Education, Discussion, November 20, 2016).
Even though the discussion that occurred in class does not pertain to autistic children, the general idea was to show that when parents are involved with their child 's education, then the child can improve.
Mental and behavioral disorders all cause stress to family members, however, it has been observed that parents with an autistic child tend to feel more stress compared to other disorders/disabilities (Lord &McGee,2001). The reason the family with an autistic child feel this stress is because they have multiple roles that they need to play for their children such as being a teacher, and supporter, as well as a loving parent or family member (Lord &McGee,2001).
Parent and school cooperation
In order to help the family/parents to cope with their stress the parents/family and the school will need to work as a team (Lord &McGee, 2001;...

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...ove when school learning is supported at home (Lord &McGee, 2001). Class size can also make difference, most research mention that when educating an autistic child it should be individualized since each child is unique (Iovannone, 2003; Ibrahimagic,, 2015), yet a study showed that when in small groups the autistic student tend to improve their communication and social skills (Ledford & Wehby, 2015 ).
Since there is no collaborative agreement towards which school setting (mainstream or special schools) is more beneficial, yet an agreement on the other factors (class size curriculum, teachers, and parental involvement). This leads us to a future research where we apply these 4 factors (class size curriculum, teachers, and parental involvement) into both school settings (mainstream and special school) and that way we will be able to solve that disagreement.

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