Parental Involvement : A Student 's Academic Success Essay

Parental Involvement : A Student 's Academic Success Essay

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​Parental involvement may influence a student’s academic success. Parental involvement directly correlates with academic achievement, however while this is statistically significant, it is only a small effect. Rather, parent involvement has a greater relationship with improving student motivation, which then leads to improved academic achievement. Direct parental involvement may be characterized by a parent’s amount of supervision, dreams/aspirations for their child, and school-parent interactions (Fan et al, 2001, p. 3) Improving student motivation may be done by addressing intrinsic motivation, a love of learning, and a motivation to read (Gonzalez-DeHass et al, 2006, p. 101). These effects are supported from articles and research undergone by Gonzalez-DeHass, Willems, and Doan Holbein and also Fan and Chen. This effect was also apparent in the My Virtual Teen program, which showed that the choices a user made could directly affect their virtual child academic achievement.
​Parents should attempt to be as involved as possible in their child’s academic progress from an early age. Scenarios displayed in My Virtual Teen during the 10 years old stage allowed the user to make choices that contributed to academic success, for example: “James is in grade-level math, and sometimes gets stuck on problems. James seems to dread the story problems the most and gives up pretty quickly if he can’t figure out the correct procedure” (Manis, 2006). Parents who provide encouragement and act as resources for the challenges children encounter affect their children’s academics positively (Gonzalez-DeHass et al, 2005). By choosing to empower James to do his homework by himself and try to get him to come up with the correct procedures on his own (Mani...

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...s show an interest and enthusiasm for what their children are learning, they provide a support system at home that buttresses the child’s academic learning and reinforces the value of schooling (Gonzalez-DeHass et al, 2005, p.118).
​An increased level of motivation is most likely the best way for children to obtain academic achievement and have a lifelong love of learning. While parents can and should express the importance of obtaining academic excellence, that goal is ultimately up to the child. Early attempts to increase motivation can stay with the child throughout the adolescent years and make it easier to obtain academic success. Additionally, parents should try to convey how academics can apply to the real world to express to their children how important education is. Ultimately, parental involvement is one of the greatest necessities for academic excellence.

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