Parental Influence : ' Death Of A Salesman ' Essay

Parental Influence : ' Death Of A Salesman ' Essay

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Parenting shapes the adult behavior and decisions of a child; poor parental guidance such as Biff and Beatrices’ set a pattern of social, emotional, and behavioral problems. Balanced parenting styles enforcing firm and consistent limits.Children raised in a balanced home grow up in a healthy atmosphere where love, discipline and respect intersect. Contraversly childhoods with either over- involved or neglectful parents, conclude to similar feelings of dissatisfaction with their lives, filled with blame, shame, and hopeless thinking. The literatures “Death of a salesman” by Arthur Miller and “City Life” by Mary Gordon, prove that parental influence can greatly impact children’s future mindset and habits. A balanced parent would have helped their children become a healthy adult by providing structure through limits and consequences,
In Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman tried to be a friend more than a father, Willy was more interested with appearances than the academics of his sons Biff and Happy. In the play, when Bernard tries to warn Willy that Biff was failing Math, in hopes that he would have commanded that Biff take more interest in his school, Bernard was brushed aside. Willy believed that since Biff was so popular in school that he’d excel in life as well.
In a similar case of poor parental guidance, Willy tries reprimanding Biff for stealing a football from school but folds to Biff, and tries to reason that the coach would probably commend Biff for taking the ball home to practice with. Willy’s over-estimating approval of Biffs disapproving choices poorly prepared him for life in the real world. Balanced parents have high, but reasonable expectations for their children by setting clear behavioral and academic expec...

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...garded her. So as a child, didn’t feel lovable and this feeling of neglect carried into her adult life. She trusts little and runs a lot, by staying in bed and not expressing herself to her husband.
Traumatic experiences or poor parental guidance in a childhood can have critical and lifelong effects if they are left unresolved. Childhood trauma can be from anything that makes a child feel helpless and disrupts their sense of safety and security, including: infidelity, alcoholism or abandonment. Beatrice could not escape her neglected past and Biff could not escape his father 's dreams and expectations. Both were traumatized. When a child is attacked by the person she/he counts on for nurturance it internally damages them. Since both Beatrices’ and Biffs’ parents lacked a balance for mature behavior, their children lacked skills in the real world and social settings.

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