Essay about Parental Forces : The Older Generation

Essay about Parental Forces : The Older Generation

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Parental Forces
As the older generation’s social forces and influences slowly fade away, the newer and middle age generation are forgetting the morals they preached and practiced. Today divorce is extremely common and is becoming a social norm for kids to have divorced parents. I too, have divorced parents. My Hispanic mother and African American father divorced when I was just 6 years old. Their separation was a major life event that caused me to question reality as a whole. Causing me ask questions of “when are we going home” and “where was my father”, all while clueless of the event that would change my life forever. Besides their divorce, family had the greatest influence in my life and my development growing up. I was affected by most of my close family; from Grandmother to Grandmother and everyone in between.
My parents’ divorce was my first crack in the wall from my childhood dream world to the reality of how the world really was. Bouncing back to and from the place that I thought was my permanent home to my mother’s two story apt, I had begun to realize that maybe it wasn’t home anymore. I had reached a new life stage and began to think of myself as a traveling nomad. My new internal process of going to see my father was not “I’m going home” it was simply “time to visit my father”. At that point in my life, I then viewed the place where my I used to call home as “my dad’s” home from then on. In a way accepting this fact began to make me able to accept other big changed in my life as if it was nothing, in a way it made me emotionless to other events that would occur later in my life. It was not until later in my life that I would finally begin to call a place home and not simply just where I lived most of the time. Beside...

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...understood that if I left something out while explaining someone could take advantage of my mother or father. Thus at a very young age, socially I had to mature and interact everyday with strange adults for the sake of my parents and our safety as well.
Overall, my parents have been a huge influence in my life. With their actions and with things they can’t control. Any other child might have gotten depressed after realizing he has lost his home. Others might have denied their responsibility to their parents which I’ve seen happen myself. I thank my grandmother for getting involved in my development as it was the most beneficial turning point in my life. Also, I’m glad today I was forced to mature early because it allowed me to understand the world for how it really was. Lastly, Parental forces determine our lives and affect our development wither we like it or not.

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