Parental Choice Experiment And Post Game Interviews Essay

Parental Choice Experiment And Post Game Interviews Essay

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In this chapter, we report a finding of our parental choice experiment and post-game interviews in Ethiopia. It has been widely reported that the gender of the parents can affect parental investment in children. This view is held across disciplines from the natural sciences (evolutionary biology) to the social sciences (social anthropology) with different explanations as to why they do so. However, few studies combined the gender difference with other potential determining factors to see the consistency in this finding. In pursuit of this we have conducted a choice experiment with parents and combined it with qualitative information to shed light on the patterns of parental investment and its determining factors.
In our experiment we varied information about other parent’s income and experimental outcomes and communication between spouses to see how mother and father in milk market participant and non-participant households react to these situations. In the first (private) group, the parent has no information about what the other parent gets and do. Here we want to know if parents are investing in their children based on unconditional love, emotional ties and personal altruism than considering other contextual factors. In the second group (public), parents get information about the other parent’s income and their outcomes sets and after that they make decisions on their allocation. This is to see whether there is difference between mother and father in terms of responsibilities in allocating for children by providing full information about the income received by the spouse and the potential outcomes. In the third (negotiation) group the parents know their own and their spouse`s income and outcome sets and they discuss about eac...

... middle of paper ... likely does calculations behind the logic of our experimental design because our participants are less educated. Therefore, there is a possibility that the behaviors that underlie their decision could be a random decision or what they though we need than really calculative behavior on which game theories are based. The second potential limitation is that parents may allocate more money to get educational materials by considering its higher resale value than considering its educational value for their children. The third potential limitation is that parents who retain more money with themselves may invest the money on urgent child needs than what we asked them in the experiment. In that case not investing or investing less on education material does not mean parental investment on child welfare is less for those particular parents but took simply a different item.

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