Essay on Parental Attitude And Child Development

Essay on Parental Attitude And Child Development

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For many years, children being raised in a single parent home are at times seen differently due to the main factor of being raised by one parent. Parental attitude is key in any child’s future and by teaching these children there is nothing wrong with only having one parent beside them. The problem is when questions like, "Do children really need to be raised by both parents?” or "Does a male child needs his father as a role model to become a real man?” Many single household children have shown negative attitudes on their behavior due to the lack of two parents. Other studies have shown that the outcome of a child’s development does not matter if one or both parents raise them, but by way they are raised on the right values and rules.

Many single parents find it difficult to function effectively as parents compared with married parents. It 's no shock to see a single parent raise children on their own with no second parent income or any government assistance which forces single parents to dedicate most of their time working. From experience it can be extremely difficult to find comfortable support for the parent and their child, for instance finding a trust worthy daycare for a child under 4 years old. The world view a child that has only one parent as support with fewer rules, dispense harsher discipline, are more inconsistent in dispensing discipline, provide less supervision, and engage in more conflict with their children. To really get a handle on how single parenting affects children, and how single parents can steer their kids away from these pitfalls. Many studies link single parents with a variety of negative outcomes among children, including poor academic achievement, emotional problems, conduct problems, low self-este...

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...rn their lesson and the major advantage would be that both parents have input with double surveillance to make sure the children obey. Similarly, single parents do have rules, but have a difficult time sticking to them since they have work and other issues going on a daily basis. It 's the same situation when it comes to emotion, married couples don 't show the same love as a single parent.
The source of the problems is not necessarily single-parenthood itself, but a combination of economic pressures, family instability and conflict between parents. A single parent with adequate resources may provide a stable nurturing home in which children thrive just as well as those who have two parents. On the other hand, a single parent who 's just scraping by and has little time, energy or skill for parental duties might have children who are at risk for a variety of problems.

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