Essay about Parental Attachment And Academic Achievement

Essay about Parental Attachment And Academic Achievement

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Flourishing relationships are characterized by the strength of the attachment, as well as by how each party adjusts to change. Accordingly, as it relates to college students’ success, the more secure the attachment to the attachment figure (parent or guardian), the better chance of scholastic success (Stroufe, 1988). In fact, not only can attachment be essential to scholastic accomplishment but it can also serve to reinforce the scholastic goals set out by the instructor. Nonetheless, the literature on parental attachment is vast, yet the literature related specifically to parental attachment and the scholastic achievement of college students is scarce to non-existent. In fact, within the past 10 years, there have been numerous studies conducted to establish a relationship between attachment and scholarly achievement but little concentrated on the connection between parental attachment and achievement in the higher learning setting.
Attachment Theory

Attachment theory hypothesis is characterized as an approach to conceptualize the propensity of people to develop forceful enthusiastic bonds to another individual and comprehend different types of feelings through partition or loss of an appended figure (Bowlby, 1988). As it stands, the hypothesis was generated to clarify the numerous types of identity aggravation and emotional distress that can occur upon division or separation from the attachment figure (Bowlby, 1988). Nonetheless, the objective of the attachment theory is to establish the importance of the infant’s ability to establish a secure and predictable attachment to their attachment figure.
As Bowlby (1988) asserts, infants are born with the inclination to look for and structure close, persevering bonds with others. Thi...

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...arental figure will be defined as the person who rears the student and whom the student identifies as their guardian. A secure attachment will be defined as the degree the student feels safe and that they can trust and depend on the attachment figure. To the contrary, an insecure attachment will be defined as the degree to which the student feels unsafe and that they cannot trust and depend on their attachment figure. Adaptation will be defined as students’ capacity to acclimate to social, scholastic, and individual changes throughout their college career. Adjustment will be defined as the students’ ability to maintain a normal to above GPA and balance school work, work, and social activities without demise. Finally, motivation orientation will be defined as the willingness to master tasks such as assignments, goals, and interests and beliefs about ones abilities.

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