Parental Addiction And Teenage Children Essay

Parental Addiction And Teenage Children Essay

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Theme #1 Direct Affects Parental Addiction has on Preteen Children
The first theme is the direct affects parental addiction has on preteen children. The research proposal for this paper looks to evaluate the findings between parental addiction and preteen addictive choices. In Coffelt, Forehand, Olson, Jones, Gaggney & Zens (2006) article on Longitudinal examination of the link between parent alcohol problems and youth drinking the findings evaluated the evidence that a certain degree of parental influence existed with preteen alcohol addiction. A limitation of the study was the generalization of population because the study was primarily Caucasian (Coffelt et al., 2006). Additionally, only married couples were examined and single and divorced couples were eliminated (Coffelt et al., 2006). Eliminating single and divorced parents removes a large population that is known to be affected by addiction, especially substance abuse.
Lo & Cheng (2010) article Onset Drinking: How It Is Related Both to Mother 's Drinking and Mother–Child Relationships examined parental (Mother’s) drinking influences on the preteen children. The study of 10-14 year olds preteens and teens determined that irregular behavior specifically from a mother has a direct affect on their child’s behavior. The study identified that environmental components associated with peer pressure is relevant and therefore also has an impact on their behavior and choices. Parental awareness was another aspect of the study demonstrating the necessity of both emotional and physical support (Lo & Cheng, 2010). Additionally, the study demonstrated when there is a close bond and open relationship between parent and child the likelihood of preteen addiction decreases (...

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...of addictive behavior, male and female influences. Addiction becomes in many forms, however for a child 's addiction has no meaning at first. For insistence if a child witnesses a parent reorganizing shelves until the cans are exactly in the right category and alignment the child has an increase chance to determine this behavior is normal and mimics it. The same assumption can be applied to substance addiction. If a child witnesses their parent using alcohol, for example as a means to relax and calm their nerves, the child may believe this behavior is normal and therefore mimics this behavior. Another differences between themes is how if the addictive behavior comes from the male or female parent. Perhaps the difference lies in whom the child spends more time with. There was also a difference in how the addictive behavior influences male or female children.

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