Essay about The Parent / Child Visit

Essay about The Parent / Child Visit

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The parent/child visit between Louann, Kourtnie, and Kylie took place at the Caritas Family Solutions. The CA and the girls arrived 20 minutes early before the visit. They sat in the visiting room playing games, such as, Let’s Go Fishing. Once mom arrived the girls greeted her with a hello, no hugs were exchanged. They walked into the visiting room together. The CA asked the visitor with birth mother if she was cleared to be in the visit. The woman Elizabeth stated that she had been cleared. The CA contacted the caseworker. The caseworker told the CA that there was to be no one, but the girls in the visit. The CA let Elizabeth know that there was to be no one but the girls. Mom gave Elizabeth her caseworker’s phone number. Louann gave the girls some crafts she brought for them. They girls played with their crafts throughout the visit. Kylie told birth mother that she was growing out of her shoes. She wanted either some Convers or Vans. Mom stated she just brought her Jordans. She doesn’t have the money for new shoes, but she could talk to grandma. Mom told Kourtnie how long her hair was getting. Kylie told mom she didn’t like her middle name. She stated it was not her middle name. Mom told her she knew it was her middle name, because it’s what she named her and it’s on her birth certificate. Mom asked why she didn’t like her middle name. She was named after family members. All of her children are named after family. Kylie stated that her middle name was “old” lady. Charlie is named after grandpa, Kylie is named after grandma, and Kourtnie are named after aunt Lynn. Kylie told mom to guess what they were doing this weekend. Mom asked if they were going to their dad’s. Kylie stated that only she was going to dads. Kourtnie m...

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...then started talking about how to do their eyebrows. Mom told Kylie she needed an arch in her eyebrows, but it scared her to do her eyebrows since her skin was so fine. Kylie told mom she looked good today. Mom took out her phone and took selfies with Kylie. Mom asked Kourtnie to come take a picture with her and Kylie. Kourtnie told mom she didn’t want to take a picture, because she was hungry. Mom told her she was sorry she was broke and didn’t have money for food. Mom told the girls she hoped to start a new job next week. She needed money to pay rent and supply them food at the visits. Kylie mocked mom, mom slapped her jokingly. The girls joked about who was ugly in the picture, Kylie or Kourtnie. Mom told them to stop it they were both beautiful. At the end of the visit mom and the girls clean up. Mom walked the girls out to the car and told them she loved them.

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