The Parent Child Bond Based On Attachment Styles Essay

The Parent Child Bond Based On Attachment Styles Essay

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There have been many people who have tried to explain the relationship that a mother and a baby form. One such person was John Bowlby, who suggested that attachment is a mutual relationship between the infant and the caregiver (Parke & Clarke-Stewart, 2014). Infants use their parents as a secure-base so that they can explore the world, which is just the beginning the the infant-caregiver interaction. Bowlby’s contemporary, Mary Ainsworth also studied infants and established a paradigm to classify the parent-child bond based on attachment styles. Ainsworth discovered three different attachment styles: secure-attachment, insecure-avoidant attachment, and insecure-ambivalent attachment. Studying these different attachment styles is of importance, because each attachment style is related to different developmental outcomes for the infants. Particularly, studying insecure attachment in children is important, because this attachment style can have detrimental effects on the child’s development, such as lack of emotional regulation and behavioral problems (Parke & Clarke-Stewart, 2014). Infants who experience neglect or abuse from their parents often form insecure-disorganized attachment styles, which is known to have detrimental effects on an infant’s socioemotional development. Looking at the relationship between abuse and attachment styles is important because it gives insight, and may lead to potential intervention strategies to combat any negative effects.
One longitudinal study explored a very similar topic: the effect of domestic violence exposure to children and attachment styles in adolescence (Sousa et al., 2011). Researchers gathered information about severe physical disciplining from official records, mot...

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...llow victims of childhood abuse to follow their attachment styles across their life-span. This would provide rich data about factors influencing attachment and attachment as a mediation tool for victims. It would also be interesting to look at cross-generational effects of abuse, meaning to see if there are different attachment formations in older generations due to different parenting styles. It would also be important to examine maltreatment effects on emotion regulation, and how that corresponds to the different attachment styles. Some work should also be done to further the understanding of interventions with children who are at risk for disorganized attachment styles. For example, what interventions work for certain people should be explores The relationships between attachment styles and abuse or life hardships still remains an important subject in psychology.

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