Paramore Bio: A Great Band with Musical Talents Essay examples

Paramore Bio: A Great Band with Musical Talents Essay examples

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Paramore Bio
Paramore’s mix of emo-pop and alternative rock & roll eventually made them stars on both sides of the Atlantic ocean, they began their career in Franklin, Tennessee, where Hayley Williams met brothers Josh and Zac Farro after moving to town from Mississippi with her family in 2004. Already a powerful vocalist at the age of 13, Williams signed with Atlantic Records as a solo artist, but conflicted with the label over the direction of her career and genre of music she was supposed to play. Seeking to form her own band, Hayley convinced Atlantic Records to let her piece together a full lineup. Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Josh and drummer Zac Farro were called in for the job, as were rhythm guitarist Jason Bynum and bassist Jeremy Davis. John Janick, CEO and co-founder of the “Fueled by Ramen”, a Florida-based recording label with a strong emo-pop and alternative rock acts, was amazed by their sound and decided to go to one of their live performances in Orlando, Florida, to see them playing live. After he saw these young musical talents, John invited them for a smaller private performance where he said he wanted to sign them. To help attract a younger audience, Atlantic decided to co-sign the band with Fueled by Ramen in 2005. Holding this amazing chance in their hands, band didn't want to waste precious time and started to record their debut album. At that stage, Jeremy, the bass player, unfortunately had to leave the band citing personal reasons. Few days after he left, the four remaining band members, wrote a song called "All We Know" as a tribute to Jeremy's withdrawal. They decided to base the whole album off of that. Before the album "All We Know Is Falling" was released, Paramore asked Jeremy to re-join the...

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...egan to lure fans at the same time. Known for their catchy lines and unique sound, this band confidently released an EP titled “Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys” with two tracks on it – “From The Ritz To The Rubble” and “Fake Tales Of San Francisco” on May 30, 2005. The track “Fake Tales of San Francisco” was voted their best song in 2013 by NME Magazine.
After the release, they were on to appear at the 2005 Carling Weekend, where they gained salute from the audience performing their best. However, unique as they are, they refused to sign with any record companies at the thought that they got that far by their own work and effort. On contrary to the statement, they decided to work under the label Domino in June 2005, because they loved the Domino Records CEO, Laurence Bell, despite the other contracts that were offered by larger labels with larger amounts of money.

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