Parallels Between Hamlet and Disney Movies Essay

Parallels Between Hamlet and Disney Movies Essay

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Hamlet and a popular amount of Disney movies share many parallels. The Lion King was actually based entirely off the play Hamlet. There are many themes in this play that are relevant in many other pieces, such as Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Hercules. Beauty and the Beast helps convey betrayal among people who care for each other, while Mulan allows people to see a deeper meaning in Hamlet’s own personal passion. Furthermore, Hercules allows one to connect the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia to a romance that is almost as complicated. While constructing this essay, I was able to discern a deeper meaning from the wise words of Shakespeare by taking the minute details, and linking them back to something similar and familiar.
Preceding Act 1, King Hamlet is murdered by his brother, Claudius. Claudius’s feelings regarding his treacherous act are well represented by the song “Be Prepared” from the Disney Movie, The Lion King. Claudius constructs a ploy against his brother Hamlet, so as to be the king of Denmark. Scar, who sings “Be Prepared”, also plots against his brother in order to seize the throne. “Be prepared…For the death of the king! / Why? Is he sick? / No, you fool, we’re going to kill him…and Simba too!” (Be Prepared). Scar uses the hyenas to convey his strategy, and plans to murder Simba. It can be argued that Polonius was able to assist Claudius in the murder of his reigning King. Polonius is a constant voice in Claudius’s head, and is much like his own personal spy. Of course, Polonius is using this connection in an attempt to widen his foothold in the monarchy, and is striving for the attention of the current king, even if it means sacrificing the happiness, safety, and trust of his only daug...

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...sulted her when he knew that her father and his uncle were watching and taking notes. In addition, I do not understand why Hamlet waited until now to reveal his true feelings about Ophelia. Her death was probably what caused him to realize that he was unable to save her by telling her to leave the castle, instead he unhinged her sanity.
I found it rather surprising to discover how many similarities there were between various Disney films and Hamlet. I was also satisfied that my understanding of Hamlet was greatly aided through this paper. My comprehension of Hamlet may have been altered, because the similarities between the Disney song lyrics and Hamlet opened my mind up to new ideas, and possibly allowed me to view familiar Disney movies differently as well. Hamlet contained many similarities to many other works, even in elementary level texts and songs.

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