The Paradox Of The Liar Paradox Essay example

The Paradox Of The Liar Paradox Essay example

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Traced all the way back to six centuries before christ, the Liar Paradox is an argument that arrives at a contradiction when assuming the principle of bivalence. The principle of bivalence states that a declarative statement must have only one truth value; the declarative statement is either true or false, not both (Bernecker). The classical liar paradox is composed of paradoxical statements, like: “This sentence is false,” and “L1 : L1 is false” (Bernecker). If the statement “L1 is false” is true, then “L1” is false, because the first premise says, “L1 is false” (Bernecker). However, if the statement “L1 is false” is false, then “L1” is not false, it is true (Bernecker). Instinctively, “L1” seems to be neither false nor true, but because of the principle of bivalence one knows that the statement must either be true or false, and not both, and not neither (Bernecker). Saying that a statement is “false” or “true” is referring to “what it says it is,” and if the statement is true then it “tells it the way it is” (Sainsbury). To analyze the first example one needs to assume that “L1 : L1 is false” is true (Bernecker). The first premise is “L1” is true; this serves as the assumption and the second premise, “L1,” is the disquotation (Bernecker). Therefore, the conclusion is that “L1,” is not true, it is false, and this is can be deduced by the definition of “L1” (Bernecker). However, one can see a contradiction between the first premise and the conclusion. I find this claim accurate because the first premise says that “L1” is true, but the conclusion says that “L1” is not true (Bernecker). I also have come to the conclusion that this contradiction means that argument does not follow the principle of bivalence, because the argument i...

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...his is one of the better solutions out there, due to the fact that it addresses the use of “true,” and “false.”
The Liar Paradox is one key arguments philosophers want to understand, so the theory of truth can be analyzed (“Liar Paradox”). Many who come across the Liar Paradox do one of two things: they either do not take the paradox seriously or they say that it 's meaningless (“Liar Paradox). However, even though with 2,300 years of attention, philosophers have not accepted one solution and are continuing to solve the paradox, proving the importance of this paradox (“Liar Paradox”). Solving the paradox will help explain the basic concept of truth, and also about logic (“Liar Paradox). I agree this is a paradox that is fascinating; it is a paradox about truth and how statements affect each other, and solving this paradox will teach many about the theory of truth.

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