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Essay on Panther One

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“I like the sound of that.” I tell her. We talk, giggle, kiss and dance some more. The evening passes with us acting like horney teenagers. She seems too good to be real, either that or she’s playing an Oscar winning roll. While dancing I execute a turn that brings my leg in between both of hers. We are hardly aware of anything but the pleasure we’re receiving as we turn around and around. Heated friction between our thighs and pelvic area grows to a fevered pitch.
“If you don’t stop that I’m going to melt here on the rug, Panther says. She’s having a difficult time catching her breath. She looks into my eyes and I see a girl hiding a lot of hurts. I wonder what’s going on in her head. She takes my hand and walks me to the bed. “I want to feel you inside me.” She places her hand around my neck, kissing me passionately while pressing close.
“I promise you, you’ll remember this night.” I tell her.
“Promises, is that all your going to give me Slugger? Promises, I think it’s you who’s going to remember this night,” she says.
Oh, oh what in the world did she mean by that?”
The pounding sound of my blood gushing through my head is almost painful. We undress and slide into bed continually pressing our lips together. Her breasts are warm and sensuous against my chest. I feel a wildness overtake me and barely have time to put protection on before she reaches down and places me inside her. I experience a soft, warm and velvety cocoon envelop me.
I try prolonging the ecstasy, but her wild thrusts take me over the edge, she yells, “Take me Slugger.” In a maddening wild contraction that almost bursts through the top of my head I lose control. Her breath turns to a growl, as she reaches a monstrous climax of her ...

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...mitted disease. It went untreated for so long that I can never have children.
Slugger felt like someone had punched him in the stomach, all the air in him gone. He is deflated. “Panther I’m so sorry.” Talk about the odd couple, me with madness in my genes and
David Surretsky

Panther, unable to conceive, we actually make the perfect couple. She can’t have kids and I’m afraid to have any. We seemingly get along really well. What do I do now? What does she expect? What do I want to do, should be the question. No matter what, I leave tomorrow. Where can I leave her? She’s afraid to go home.
Ted probably knows I’m on my way back to New York, or thinks I’m already there. Makes me wonder who’s going to be tracking whom? We have our second drink, then a third, by the time we finish our fourth, we have had sex and she is coming to New York.

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