The Panic Virus : A True Story Of Medicine, Science, And Fear Written By Seth Mnookin

The Panic Virus : A True Story Of Medicine, Science, And Fear Written By Seth Mnookin

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The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science, and Fear written by Seth Mnookin offers something for all potential readers. For those who are anti-vaccine, Mnookin offers valid science, testimony, history, and excerpts that demonstrate that vaccinating a child can be more beneficial than not. Instead of simply dismissing those who do not vaccinate their children, Mnookin offers valid points to counter argue in this debate. Mnookin offers thought, logic, reasoning, and research into his arguments, showing that his opinion is rooted in fact, rather than opinion or belief. Those who are on the fence about vaccination may find this book useful in that Mnookin not only offers plenty valid points about pro-vaccination, however, he also provides reasons why people became anti-vaccine in the first place, to make readers aware why this became a controversial issue in the first place. Lastly, those who are already pro-vaccination may also find this book to be useful in furthering their knowledge as to why vaccinations are crucial, allowing them to exceed just listening to their pediatricians, parents can learn for themselves why vaccinating is the best choice for their child.
It seems surprising that this book would even created in the first place, hadn’t the world already heard enough of the pro-vaccination side of the argument? After reading The Panic Virus, it became evident that this book can in fact be extremely useful. Perhaps people prefer not to educate themselves about vaccination on the grounds that medical language can be dry, confusing, and uninteresting. Perhaps they don’t wish to listen to medical professionals due to the fact that they feel that they have an agenda to protect themselves. Whatever the reason, the need f...

... middle of paper ... tell them so. Such as I have mentioned before, parents need reasons for their fears. Without reason, some fears can go away. A child with Autism does not go away, the fear doesn’t go away, and thus parents need reasons. It can be frustrating to not understand the true reason for something, but a temporary reason can relieve a bit of the fear that parents have. When you have a reason for your fear you can prevent it, protect yourself from it, or you can conquer it.
While I cannot condone the actions of parents who decide to put their child and other children’s lives at risk, I can understand it. Fear of the unknown can be debilitating and can cause people to make the wrong decisions. The impact of fear can cause a parent to deliberately put their child at risk of dying from a preventable disease. It has to make you wonder, what else the impact of fear can do?

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