Essay about Pamela Livingston Article on Preventing and Treating Obesity

Essay about Pamela Livingston Article on Preventing and Treating Obesity

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Childhood obesity has become huge epidemic in the United States. It is becoming one of the biggest health problems in America. Children are facing serious health concerns by not having the proper diet and exercise needed on a day-to-day basis. There are many different perspectives on how obesity should be treated and prevented. Many argue that children nowadays are becoming lazy, not getting enough exercise and have poor eating habits. Children are lacking fast and cheap food options that are actually healthy. Which are making people question who is to blame for this issue. Parents, schools, fast food industries and even the children themselves are just a few of the things that are to blame for this epidemic.
According to Pamela Livingston’s article “Preventing and Treating Obesity” from “Obesity occurs when a person takes in more calories in the form of food than he or she burns from energy.” Livingston agues there are three main reasons obesity occurs in children: genetics, environmental, and physiological factors. According to Robert Murray’s article “Obesity” found on, nearly one in six children in America are overweight and one in three are at risk of becoming overweight. This is a huge issue. Both Livingston and Murray’s articles agree that children struggling with obesity have a greater risk of becoming obese as an adult, which can lead to many different health problems. According to Livingston’s article on, overweight children can have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. When these children gets older the issues become much more serious. Livingston emphasizes that adults suffering with obesity have high chances of developing “type 2 diabetes,...

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... Multiple factors lead to a child becoming over weight. Instead of finding someone or something to blame, people need to focus on the goal of eating healthy, and exercising regularly.

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