Paley's Argument for God's Existence Essay

Paley's Argument for God's Existence Essay

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Since the beginning of time, society has been plagued by questions stemming past the grasp of human understanding. In attempt to explain such bewilderment, mankind formed a principle belief regarding their presence as the workings of a more capable being, God. As time has progressed, distinguished and scholarly members of society have come forward with ideas regarding some distinct understanding into the complex subject that is god. To this day, students are taught theories that have managed to stand the test of time and interpretation, theories that are highly respected by the top scholars of this century. Throughout this paper, I will thoroughly outline, discuss, and analyze Paley’s argument on the existence of God. Paley’s use of earthly inferences to explain the existence of a higher being has been challenged by many, but his emphasis on purpose and goal-orientation is both well-conceived and logical.
William Paley was an 18th century British philosopher who was very much involved in the Christian faith, attempting to join the priesthood himself (“William Paley”). William Paley concentrated passionately on the idea of God’s inevitable existence, attempting to prove it using both his belief and logical thinking. Paley’s metaphoric illustration proved to be one of the strongest philosophical examples, as he equated the idea of a supreme being to a designer of intricate mechanisms. By elaborating on the fact that the human design can only be reproduced anatomically, a more equipped and more powerful being was responsible for said creation. He explained that such creations as mankind, that contain complicated machinery, do not happen by chance, but by previous consideration and manipulation. This manipulation is devise...

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...grammed and assemble the intricate design of the human body. I thoroughly agree with Paley’s explanation and find that even the counter arguments do not hold much motive in disproving such a solid teleological theory. The theory of evolution and explicit imperfections in individual beings prove the meticulous nature of the designer having created the being with both physical and intellectual properties to aid in the triumph over death. Paley managed to explain a complicated subject in such a way that the most simpleminded person could not resist his comparison, manipulation and prior consideration explains the existence and survival of the human species which could have only been possible by the workings of a higher being.

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