Pakistani Taliban And The Taliban Essay

Pakistani Taliban And The Taliban Essay

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When the United States first led their camping into Afghanistan in late 2001, the organization which is now known as the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan were only seen as sympathizers and supporters of the Afghan Taliban and other organizations. From roughly 2002-2004 Pakistani forces were using the majority of their resources finding those linked to Al Qaeda in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) (Abbas, 2008). During this time small militant groups began to network with one another (Black; Benjamin, 2011). Shortly after this the Pakistani government began to ban several local extremist groups, most of which were in connection with Al Qaeda (Abbas, 2008). The members of these extremist groups started to join the ranks of the TTP, “During this process, the Pakistani Taliban never really merged into the organizational structure of the Afghan Taliban under Mullah Omar; instead, they developed a distinct identity” (Black, 2011).
During this time the TTP took action to establish leadership to replace the traditional tribal elders of the Jirga institution. The Jirga is “an assembly of leaders that make decisions by consensus and according to the teachings of Islam” (Black, 2011). The Pakistani government receive Intel that the TTP planned to overthrow Jirga but before they could take action against the TTP, the organization killed several hundred of the leaders claiming they were American and Pakistani spies (Black, 2011). It was not until December 13, 2007 that Pakistan’s largest militant group was formed during a gathering of senior militants and tribal elders throughout Pakistan. Those represented in this meeting were “24 districts, seven tribal agencies and six frontier regions of the North West region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ...

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...stan by the United States, one primary goal of the TTP has been to support the Afghan Taliban in the fight against the U.S. forces. This is a huge goal according to (Citation2) because it is a “large religious motivation to protect Islamic lands from infidel Invaders.” The TTP is also involved because their government have been in support of the United States during the war which goes against their ideological beliefs. With the main forces of the U.S. military pulling out of the middle east the groups goals have seem to gone back to the roots of overthrowing the government and enforcing Islamic law among the people of Pakistan.
The TTP have many affiliations, pledges, and allies among many other terrorist groups outside of the Afghan Taliban. The Ghazi Force worked closely with the TTP during military operations in the Swat Valley and Islamabad. There have also been

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