Pakistan is Better of Ruled by a Dictator than by a Democratically Elected Government

Pakistan is Better of Ruled by a Dictator than by a Democratically Elected Government

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“Pakistan is better off being ruled by a dictator than by a democratically elected government” – Persuasive essay

Many countries today, have democracy in the process of electing their rulers. Most of the people like freedom and hence democracy to express their rights while electing their rulers. This is the reason that dictatorship is found rarely all over the world as it is mostly criticized by the people within that country. For instance, in the case of Syria, this issue became very much debatable all over the world and still, even after three years it is being criticized by the super powers of the world. Moreover, public community also protested against the army control. Although dictatorship is criticized to be against the will of people however, Pakistan is better off ruled by a dictator than by a democratically elected person because of better law and order situations, public satisfaction and boost in economy in military dictated tenures.

First of all, consider the law and order situation. As it can be easily seen in the past decades of Pakistan that condition of law and order was expressible during different martial law periods. For example, the ‘Hudood Ordinances’ introduced by General Zia-ul-Haq was strict Islamic punishments for crimes such as murder, alcohol, rape, theft and adultery. This led to a significant decrease in the number of heinous crimes. Also, the establishment of the ‘Sharia courts’ during this period was a big step in the implementation of the law. This court was aimed to hear the petitions that were offensive to Islamic law. Moreover, there is an outspread of neutral army officials all over the country, so everything remains in control and implementation of law is easier as compare to democratic r...

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...during his tenure leaving behind his integrity which led to mass protest against him and military came in because even the fellow political parties preferred the military rule rather than democratic.(General Elections, 1977). Secondly, the military has had high prestige in the eyes of the people because of the Kashmir issue and ever present Indian threat, so it is not against the will of people. To summarize, people have desired military rule.
Finally, after keeping in view all these arguments, one can easily evaluate that Pakistan is better off being ruled by dictatorship than democratically elected governments. This is because of better law and order situation, strong economic status of the country, public, educational and administrative reforms made by dictators, and will of people.

"General Elections, 1977." Story of Pakistan. N.p., 1 June 2003. Web

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