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The Paintings of the Past Essay

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An important communication tool was utilized during the Neolithic time. Cave drawings are essential to archeologists today because it is man’s method to illustrate the story of evolution. The symbols, colors, and locations will catch the eye of many, but the ultimate question still remains. How do the cave and rock drawings connect to the prehistoric times? Why is it important? Where is it located? The importance of Art presents archeologist with a picture into the Past. From Cave and rock art, to the preservation of the paintings, to finally the meaning behind the art, archeologists then can discover how people lived and what it was like back then.
The cave and rock drawings conveyed the approach of how people survived throughout time. The two caves: Lascaux and Altamira are all observable evidence to demonstrate why the drawings are so important when discovering the past. The Burrup Peninsula is also considered an important piece because it too has historical drawings. The Lascaux Cave, located in southwestern France, is a remarkable cave that links the drawings to the prehistoric times. When looking at the viewers people can picture the life of the people in the Stone Age. They can see the different type of animals that lived during that time. The paintings are extraordinary because of their high quality and astonishing since it was painted approximately 20,000 years ago. There
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are paintings of bulls, cattle and birds. With a large size the paintings stood out and captured the attention of archeologists. The most famous painting, a bull, is seventeen feet long. This cave is a visual way to see the past and what animals were like during that era. The Altamira cave, located in the central region of Cantabria, is ap...

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...ese paintings and see how the earth preserved it, so people can now imagine what life was like back then.Whether it is cave drawings or petroglyphs the evidense speaks for itself. The meaning and interpreting will show how it connects to the prehistoric times and why it is so important in today’s culture.

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