Painting And Style Of The Salon Essay

Painting And Style Of The Salon Essay

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In the nineteenth century the Royal Academies of Art in France and England were significant art societies in Europe. The schools held annual or semi-annual exhibitions, where artists could display their work to gain critical notice, known as the Salon. The Salon was run by the art academies, as a result the art that was selected to be shown had the technique and style that was taught there and nothing else. Edouard Manet was one of several artists at the time that challenged the academic traditions and expectations of the Salon; he did this by showing brush strokes, purposefully skewing perspective, and showing women in the nude. Inspiring artists that followed, such as Braque and Pollock to continue his ideas and to further the question of what a painting could be.
The Salon had strict requirements for the art that could be displayed; Manet and others were tired of their art being criticized and judged based off of one standard; therefore, they painted in a way the contradicted the teachings of the academy. Manet began to then leave his brush strokes visible as opposed to blending ...

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