Essay on The Pain of Heartbreak

Essay on The Pain of Heartbreak

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If an individual was to conduct a survey or even Google “The Worst Pain Ever Experienced by a Human Being,” I am sure the results would range from childbirth to the passing of a kidney stone. According to Antwan Johnson, the worse pain he recently experienced was heartbreak from a bad break up with his ex-girlfriend.
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Antwan Johnson, also known by his peers as A.J., is a twenty-six (26) year old college graduate and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy at a local H.B.C.U. in Montgomery, Alabama. According to the few people that knew A.J. he was ambitious, determined and motivated. Above all, A.J. had this go-getter mentality that allowed him to lose his essence of living; instead he just existed with one goal in mind, which was to be successful in the health, fitness and therapy field. Having said that, Antwan not only excelled throughout undergraduate school, he also did extremely well his first year of graduate school. By the same token, he was well known around the community for his “hands”; he worked as a licensed massage therapist at many spas in Montgomery. He was described by his clientele as an individual that had a deep passion for his profession, therefore taking on a heavy load of clients. Incidentally, Antwan had a knack for being quite the charmer, which intrigued many of his female classmates and clients. However, his passion was not only limited to the health field, he also was unconditionally in love with his girlfriend of three (3) years. Many would wonder when his season will come, when the time will come when his multi-tasking days will fail him leaving him with a feeling of emptiness and confusion; little did he know his season was around the corner.

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...unt that depression is not an indication of weakness; it can be treated successfully to aid many and heal most securing the greatest possibility of having the brightest and most rewarding future.

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