Pain is Worth it to Control Your Own Life: The Giver by Lois Lowry Essay

Pain is Worth it to Control Your Own Life: The Giver by Lois Lowry Essay

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The Giver a Lois Lowry book has an exceptional life style which questioned my ideas, and beliefs. The novel describes an ideal society, in which everything is supposed to be perfect, with all life’s problems solved. It is all about being happy with what the people have and not questioning their life styles because they did not know the difference between good and bad. The people are denied of their preferable way of life without their knowledge of how the real world is supposed to be. The main character Jonas finds him self gaining access to memories of everyone, when he’s appointed the assignment as a receiver of memory. As Lois Lowry took me threw Jonas’s adventures, I came to a conclusion that they should procure memories back. I believe they have the right to have feelings, they need a little more pleasure in their lives, and finally twinge makes a person stronger which they need to experience.
First, imagine a world without trepidation, pain, warfare, poverty, hunger, or terror. It sounds like a perfect world, but as you read farther into the book you realize that to accompl...

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