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Pai Heroic Journey Essay

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Pai Heroic Journey

A hero is a person who can endure danger and is not afraid to face challenges. In the film “Whale Rider,” a young girl with those exact characteristics, Pai, changes everything within her community of the Maori. Her dedication for equality in her community and to better herself differs from how her everyone views women. Men in her community looked upon as superior. Pai was looked down upon because of her non-feminine attributes and her refusal to listen to her grandfather. Through out Pai’s journey, she always had an agitated relationship with her grandfather. Pai's boyish characteristics threaten her grandfather traditional belief and the Maori community, leading her to a series of events in her journey to heroism. Pai's is considered a great hero from her baffling birth into the world, her transcendent gender, and her effects from following instincts.
For a typical hero in any story or movie, there is always something that stands outs. Whether it is unexplained or unexpected, a mysterious event usually occurs that symbolizes a hero’s persona and life. Pai entrance of the world is shown and displayed in a unique setting during the beginning of the movie. Pai was born along her twin brother who mysteriously died at birth. Her grandfather, who desperately wanted a grandson, was disgusted and unappreciative of Pai because of her gender. Pai grandfather was ignorant of the present of Pai and the characteristic in which she bestows. Pai miracle survival at birth shows that she has a powerful personality of never giving up. In the movie, “Whale Rider,” Pai's birth symbolizes multiple outcomes of whom and what she will become. Pai out living her brother was a powerful symbol of her survival, which e...

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... to her husband, Pai’s grandfather, stating that he is not in charge. It only took Pai’s confidence to not limit herself base on her gender, change the view of her community for better. Reflecting to the movie, a scene where everyone gave up to save the whales, Pai follow her instinct and ride the whale back to shore. As everyone from in the community view this remarkable action taken place, the Maori community soon realize that it was time for a change in tradition.
Pai characteristics and emotional drive set her to endure challenges that were capable of setting her back. Throughout these complex events, she grew and matures as a person. As she fought through these challenges, just like a hero, she builds confidents and inspiration to continue to do better. In saving the community of evil villains, she saves the community from its destructible tradition.

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