Essay on Page Rank and Google

Essay on Page Rank and Google

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PageRank was proposed by Larry Page and Serge Brin, the founders of Google. [1] PageRank
is a link analysis
alogirthm used to determine the relative importance of a web page, thus a
web page with a higher PageRank is considered to be more important and is more likey to be
listed higher than a page with a lower PageRank.
Earlier Search Engines
There were many search engines prior to Google. But unlike Google, most of them used simple
web-crawling techniques like, inverted indexing and term frequency. Essentially an inverted
index, is a data structure which points to each instance where the term occurs, making lookups
relatvely effecient and easy.
When querying terms using inverted indexing, the search engine would locate on which
web-pages those terms were found. Inverted indexing will rank the web-page based on how
the term was being used. Thus a web-page with that said term being in the title or header,
would be more relevant than a web-page with a high number of occurances of that term. Term
frequency, was used more to reassure the relativeness of a web-page rather than to rank the
pages itself.
As people began to fimilarise themselves with the internet and how the search engines were
used, exploits were found. Particularly, how pages were being ranked. People found it easy
to trick others into visting their websites by either inlcuding the term in the title or header
or by increasing the amount of times that said term occurs in their web-page. For instance,
people who sell cars could easily exploit the weaknesses
of inverse indexing by adding the
word ”cars” to their title and increasing the number of times the word appears in their normal
text to fool the search engine into ranking their page higher, thu...

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