The Pacific Ocean is a Plastic Garbage Dump Essay

The Pacific Ocean is a Plastic Garbage Dump Essay

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Table of Contents
1. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
1.1. Distribution of plastic objects into the Pacific Ocean
1.2. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch characteristic
1.3. The discovery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
2. Effects on wildlife
2.1. Characteristics of plastics
2.2. Plastic with marine birds and animals
3. Examples of reducing the plastic garbage
3.1. Clean up
3.2. Law toward solving plastic pollution
4. Recommendations
5. Conclusion

1. Introduction
Oceans make up seventy percent of earth's surface, and are the largest place to sustain and accumulate various species. However, humans' wastes, such as oil spill, industrial toxic wastewater, and garbage dumping, are becoming the killer to harm the oceanic ecosystem after rapid advancement of industrial and technological development. The most destructive is the plastic waste, which cannot be biodegraded, and becomes the most severe for the health of the oceanic ecosystem. The scientists have already begun to face this problem, and are trying to find a way to resolve it.
The purpose of this research paper is to present the characteristic of plastic pollution in Pacific Ocean. First, the report presents the causes of the great pacific garbage patch. Then, it demonstrates the effects on marine ecosystems and humans. Finally, it will make a recommendation of what humans can do to improve and save the Pacific Ocean.
2. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a giant plastic field in the Northwest Pacific Ocean. This section will discuss the ways of plastic debris enters into the Pacific Ocean, and present the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’s charact...

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