Pablo Picasso : A Spanish Artist Essay

Pablo Picasso : A Spanish Artist Essay

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According to Cabanne, P. (1977) Pablo Picasso was born in October 25 1881 in Malaga Picasso was a spanish artist, Picasso was deceased in Mougins on April 8, 1973 Picasso is best known for his paintings, and is one of the best artists or the twentieth century. Picasso was also one of the founders and part of the Cubist movement. Pablo Picasso’s full name was José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Pablo Diego Trinidad Ruiz Picasso Crispin Crispiniano of Santissima. Picasso 's father, Don José Ruiz y Blanco, was both a professor of drawing and a painter at the school of Malaga called "San Telmo". His Mother, Dona Maria has arabic origins and is actually originally from Andalusia. Picasso goes back to the allegorical. In the 1920s, he crosses and takes part of the surrealist surrealist movement. The bodies displayed are malformed, dismantle, atrocious. Ensuing the bombardment of Guernica along the Spanish Civil War, in 1937, Picasso makes one of his most important and famous work Guernica which embodies all the terror of wars and the anger that accumulated that Picasso had felt that was the cause of the death of many innocent people. Picasso also makes more important works that relate to historical events and gives tastes of different cultures such as Les demoiselles d’avignon, and Les femmes d’alger. These also have been considered some of his amazing and most beautiful artworks.



Guernica is particularly famous for its destruction, on 26 April 1937 by aviators of the Condor Legion, sent by Hitler to support General Franco. This work denounces the massacre of innocents by nationalists helped the Nazi...

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...ignon that this new style explodes in 1907. That same year, he met Georges Braque with whom he develops the power of Cubism. The two work closely together. To address the problem of representing what exists in three dimensions on a two dimensional surface, Braque and Picasso bring a new answer. They replace the usual codes of color, volume and perspective through a system of geometric signs. They will add to it, in a subsequent phase (synthetic cubism), the use of pieces of various materials (sand, paper, metal, wood, fabric, cardboard ...) to avoid falling into abstract art. Picasso abandons Cubism in 1915. (p25) It had been demonstrated that his work had given a big importance in our current historical events and how it was also given a big importance in his times such as in the support of the cubism movement.


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