Pablo Neruda 's Body Of A Woman Essay

Pablo Neruda 's Body Of A Woman Essay

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Pablo Neruda is recognized as an influential poet, still people can’t separate his poetry from his politics; instead, critics analyze him for all he is: the sad, the happy, the political and the personal. Pablo Neruda’s thematic mood changes and progresses in perspective to his poems "Body of a Woman", "Ode to the Yellow Bird", and "The Portrait in the Rock" (in that chronological order). Neruda not only progresses from the first line to the last line in each individual poem but as a poet over time. For Neruda’s readers to feel the shift in tone and the distinctive atmosphere, he uses incredible imagery aided by figurative language and symbolism. Nature is the constant in Pablo Neruda’s poetry, but through the imagery, figurative language, and symbolism, his atmosphere and tone develop from lustful, to depressed, and then to a sense of duty and responsibility to be a voice for those without one.

In the beginning (relatively to "Ode to the Yellow Bird" and "The Portrait in the Rock"), Neruda’s poetry is lustful. Innately a poem named "Body of a Woman" radiates such a feeling; one mostly about allurement into sexuality. While there is not much depth due to the poem’s explicitness and obvious stand-in symbols such as: the world lying in surrender being the woman, “the white hills”, “moss”, and “the roses of the pubis” that pertain to this world, Neruda creates an image in our mind that allows his readers to visualize the scene as the poet did. Not only does this poem contribute to being able to envision the change in the overall atmosphere that Neruda’s poetry underwent over time; it shows a progression from line one when he first refers to the subject as “body of a woman” and then in line 13 he says “body of my woman”. The atmosph...

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...eak about what he truly believed in, in such a way that people regard him as an influential communist poet, rather than a sole politician persuading you to believe as he did. The symbolism in his poetry deepens the connection between nature and his experience. The imagery allows his readers to see what he saw, moreover to feel the way he did and understand his shift from a lustful man to a saddened spectator, and finally to a man who recognized he had the power to act and be a voice for the many. A leniency to communism, the refuge Neruda found in politics, his visits around the world and what he saw out there as a man both seeking asylum as well as for diplomatic purposes influenced all the shifts that occurred to him, as reflected in his poetry. Apart from changing from one atmosphere or tone to another, his poems develop in depth and meaningfulness to more people.

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