Essay on The Ozone Layer Shields Us and Saves Our Lives

Essay on The Ozone Layer Shields Us and Saves Our Lives

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Our zone is important because its shields use from harmful emitted ultra violet radiation by the sun; which can cause skin cancer and disease in humans. Materials synthesized by mankind such as aerosol do not react in the lower atmosphere but survive long enough to react in the upper atmosphere causing ozone depletion. This reaction in the upper atmosphere is cause by the ultra violet radiation given off by the sun. At the point this reaction an oxygen molecule is replaced by a chlorine molecule this process happens 100,000 times on a global scale according to Sherwood Rowland who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995 for his work in atmospheric chemistry. The results are global warming on a massively increasing scale. The ozone layer which acts as a sun screen to the earth is being wiped away leaving us venerable to the sun’s radiation. Energy conservation is a method to sustaining a healthy planet for our future societies.
Renewable energy comes from natural sources that are constantly and sustainability replenished. Some examples are wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, and hydro power. Wind energy costs about the same as electricity from new coal- and gas-fired power plants it’s also pollution-free. Solar energy is inexhaustible and cheaper than ever, now powering everything from portable radios to homes, stores and neighborhoods. Geothermal energy on a smaller scale is through a geothermal heat pump, which exploits the temperature difference between the earth's surface and the air. The state of Maine gets 22 percent of its electricity from hydro-power. These are proven techniques geared toward the conservation of energy, promoting a healthier earth in our near future.
Unlike many renewable sources of energy, fo...

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...the economy and promotes a healthy planet.
The rate at which the energy is being produced and consumed can damage our world in many ways. We can reduce those impacts by consuming less energy. The cost of energy is rising every year. It is important for us to realize how energy is useful to us and how can we avoid it getting wasted. Energy is need in our daily life activities and will be useful in the lives of our children in the future. The techniques that I described in this essay are a step toward procuring a healthier future for our planet. Our children’s future will be a cleaner and safer environment if we begin to act now. Our action can stimulate the economy and create greener job’s which also opens new doors for us as a society to grow as healthy prosperous community. Energy conservation is a method to sustaining a healthy planet for our future societies.

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