Ozone Deplement : The Importance Of The Ozone Depletion Essay

Ozone Deplement : The Importance Of The Ozone Depletion Essay

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Ozone Depletion? What is that?
Ana S. Reyes
South Texas College

Ozone Depletion? How Important is that?
Earth is surrounded by an invisible shield that is 6.2 miles long; furthermore, it absorbs most ultraviolet rays that the sun casts down to the biosphere. Without this shield, also known as the ozone layer, all life on Earth would cease to exist because of the harsh rays the sun emits. An example of how the ozone protects species is when a person goes out into the sun without sunblock, they get a grisly sunburn. Therefore, the ozone layer is the sunblock for the Earth, without it all organisms will be brutally charred. Moreover, the ozone layer is depleting gradually if not rapidly because of the effects of humankind. Although many people have tried to stop ozone depletion, and others claim it is not severe for their daily lives, ozone depletion is a very real problem that society faces today.
Ozone Layer Information
The ozone layer is especially important to beings on Earth because the ozone layer is beneficiary for sustaining all life on Earth. Most if not all people do not know that there is layer of thick molecules that form the ozone layer. Without the ozone layer oxygen would not be kept inside the Earth’s atmosphere which would not allow organisms to support life since all living things need oxygen. Additionally, when the atmosphere, also known as the ozone layer, gets depleted it will cause many abnormalities in communities. Because the ozone layer is an immense permeable membrane allowing only certain amounts of sunlight to pass through; it helps prevents a lot of the solar energy from burning Earth’s surface, however, the thinner the ozone layer gets the less cover it will provide for Earth’s inhabitants. A statement...

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