Ozone Benefits and Defects Essays

Ozone Benefits and Defects Essays

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According to IUPAC names, ozone is the most commonly name used (ὄζειν) is derived from Greek word which is smell in English and its systematic names 1λ1, 3λ1-trioxidane and μ-oxidodioxygen. In 1840, Christian Friedrich Schönbein who proposed ozone as a distinct chemical substance and in 1867 it confirmed. Ozone is colorless or a little bit bluish gas. In addition, the difference between oxygen and ozone is that oxygen consists of two atoms, but ozone consists of three atoms of oxygen. In other word, when lone oxygen atom react with a breathable oxygen molecule to perform ozone.

The figure shown that ozone is a bent molecule and the distances between O-----O are 127.2 pm (1.272 Å), and the angel is 116.78°. Moreover, electrons of ozone are paired which means its diamagnatic while O2 is paramagnetic because it contains two unpaired electrons. Ozone is strong oxidizing agent, unstable at high concentrations and varying length half-life.
2 O3 → 3 O2

Here is list of reactions with ozone:
1- With metals:
Most metals could oxidized by ozone except (Au, Pt, Ir).
2 Cu++ 2 H3O++ O3 → 2 Cu2++ 3 H2O + O2

2- With carbon components and nitrogen:
Here ozone oxidizes NO to NO2:

NO + O3 → NO2 + O2

Also here NO2 can be oxidized:

NO2 + O3 → NO3 + O2

And here it can oxidize NH3 to NH4NO3, but it can’t react with NH4 salts:

2 NH3 + 4 O3 → NH4NO3 + 4 O2 + H2O

In room temperature, C can react with O3 to form CO2:

C + 2 O3 → CO2 + 2 O2

3- With sulfur components:

Ozone oxidizes S to SO4:

PbS + 4 O3 → PbSO4 + 4 O2

H2SO4 can be produced from ozone:

S + H2O + O3 → H2SO4

In the gas phase, O3 reacts with H2S to perform SO2:

H2S + O3 → SO2 + H2O

4- Combustion reactions with ozone:

3 C4N2 + 4 O3 → 12 CO + 3 N2

H + O3 → HO2 + ...

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Secondly, in customer, some devices generating high levels of ozone, some of which use ionization, are used to clean and refresh deserted buildings, rooms, ductwork, woodsheds, and boats and other vehicles. For example, one company has been positively selling a CPAP sanitizer for the CPAP gear used by sleep apnea patients. This sanitizer works by pumping high concentration levels of electrically generated ozone into the unit's humidification water tank and out through the hose into the mask, which is enclosed and closed in an ozone-capturing receptacle.
Thirdly, in agriculture, ozone application can cut pineapple and banana shows increase in flavonoids and total phenol contents when exposure is up to 20 minutes. Reduction in ascorbic acid content is observed but the optimistic effect on total phenol content and flavonoids can overcome the negative effect.

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