Owning A Women 's Designer Clothing Business Essay

Owning A Women 's Designer Clothing Business Essay

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Owning a women’s designer clothing business in a large metropolitan area can be extremely competitive especially for a small business owner due to the number of options that are available in a metropolitan area that consumers have when deciding to shop. In order to stand out from competitors and attract new customers it is important for management and business owners to understand the demographics and psychographics of consumers in the area in order to operate a successful business. Demographics is defined as, “the statistical data of a population, especially those showing average age, income, education, etc.” ("Demographics | Define Demographics at Dictionary.com", 2014, p.1) Psychographics is defined as, “the study and grouping of people according to their attitudes and tastes, especially for market research.” ("Psychographics ' | Define Psychographics ' at Dictionary.com", 2014, p. 1) Demographics and psychographics are key elements that will guide business owners to understand who their target consumer is and how to market their items. For small businesses such as the designer women boutique the advantage would be to help increase their customer base.
The two important demographics that the business should focus on are the location of the business and the average income of the consumer residing in the surrounding area of the business. Understanding the location of the business will make a significant difference in increasing customer base. Consumers have expectations of the type of items that should be sold and prices of the items depending on the location of the business. People know if they buy a snack at the airport it will always be a little more expensive than purchasing it at their local grocery store. The women’s desig...

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...s that carries designer clothing for women management and the business owner needs to take their time to do research on consumers. The two different aspects that they need to look at are demographics and psychographics this will help their business appeal to customers. Not only that but it will attract customers who are willing to spend their money. Often time’s small business owners don’t prioritize business marketing that is why many businesses fail. It is important for the owner and management to come up with a advertising plan that revolves around demographics and psychographics.

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