The Overworked High Schooler. Essay

The Overworked High Schooler. Essay

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The Overworked High Schooler
There has long been an argument as to whether or not high school students should hold a job, especially a service job such as in the fast food industry, during their school year. On one side of the argument are those who believe that holding said job teaches the teenagers responsibility and how to be financially responsible. They even often liken it to having a newspaper route or running a lemonade stand. The opposing side is of the belief that holding a service industry job while attending high school only distracts them from their work and has a negative impact on their studies. Although there are some immediate pros to high schoolers being employed in the service industries during their school year, in the long run, we are setting today’s youth up for failure, both educationally and life in general.
When I was a teenager in the late nineties, I held summer jobs throughout high school. I learned very valuable and highly transferable skills. Some of these skills included organization skills, how to create reports and how to efficiently use Microsoft Office Suite. In addition, I learned the art of proper phone etiquette, how to meet deadlines aka time management and bookkeeping. Much of the ease of me being able to obtain employment later in life came from my acquisition of skills from said summer jobs. My experience, however, is a stark contrast to those employed by the service industry, especially the fast food sector. Etzonioni states that these jobs “impart few skills that will be useful in later life.” (249)
Unfortunately, a large number of today’s youth are having a different experience. They are working at jobs where the skills they learn are basic and repetitive. There is little room fo...

... middle of paper ...

...heir school social lives. If they are rushing to get an afterschool job, they won’t have that time available anymore. They can become disconnected from their school peers and oftentimes feel isolated.
To the argument that working while attending high school teaches teenagers responsibility, how to prioritize and gets them started down the road to financial stability, I believe said students should only be allowed to work a limited amount of hours on the weekends only. These hours can fluctuate between Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday, but no more than two should be chosen. This is because the students need to rest and study. They also need to prepare properly for the upcoming week. As with Amitai Etzoni, I truly believe that the cons of having a service industry job while being in high school highly outweigh the pros and should be avoided at all costs.

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