The Overwhelming Cost of College Essay

The Overwhelming Cost of College Essay

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The overwhelming cost of college has caused high school students debating whether to continue pursuing a higher education. Many of these high school students have decided that the price of the accumulated debt is not worth the investment, and end up choosing a full-time employment without a college degree. It is, however, important to invest on knowledge because it edifies and sets a base for the future. To fully comprehend how important it is to invest on higher education, one must be aware of the value and the rates of return for each individual.
College for an incoming freshman is exciting, however, it is often focused on the social aspect such as the connections that can be attained through Greek life, parties and independence. Due to the social interactions, freshmen tend to drop out of college after their first year. Focusing on what college is meant for can prevent these situations. The pressures of college such as impressing parents, and maintain a high standard GPA-wise can lead to stress and freeze a student from achieving the proper academic performance. During the mid 1900s, college was considered more of a luxury than anything; people would attend college exclusively to acquire knowledge in hopes of obtaining a career after graduation. People in the twenty-first century, however, attend college to get away from home and enjoy freedom at parties. Education is taken lightly, and those who feel that education isn’t the main focus of college should not apply for sakes of the greater good.
When someone mentions the term college, immediately thoughts are specifically directed to education and academics. How outrageous would it be if college were focused on socializing, partying and freedom? It would defeat the purpose o...

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...people who decide to attend college and endure the pressure of all-nighters are those who are capable of distinguishing the importance of education and its benefits. Regardless of the successful number of students wanting to attend college, a large percent of enrolled freshman drop out.
The world without knowledge is in complete disorder; we don’t realize how empty and ignorant we are without knowledge. The ignorance within ourselves, nonetheless, can be filled with education and bring definite changes which can impact an individual, a community, a generation and eventually our world. Naturally the world, in the long run, is dependent upon the educated. Success is carried throughout the pursuit of obtaining skills and valuing the virtue of education and academics. Education, by far means, is the most important facet of college and well worth the investment.

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