The Overwhelming Addiction to the Internet and Cell Phones in Our Generation

The Overwhelming Addiction to the Internet and Cell Phones in Our Generation

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Addiction of the internet and cell phones in our generation is overwhelming. The average age for kids to get cell phones is eight years old (Lost in translation, 1). Because they are receiving phones at such an early age they are vulnerable to things on the internet that they don’t fully know about. By educating parents about the risks and negative effects of teens having cell phones could help the generations to come.
Teens are so involved with their phones they are missing out on face-to-face conversation (Boswell, 1). On a given day girls send at least one hundred text messages and boy send at least fifty (HOTPIPROT, 3). In a calendar month teens send more than one thousand text messages (Internet Safety Statistics, 1). Texting is the main use of communication in teens today and because of texting they are getting more uncomfortable with in person communication (Lost in Translation, 1). 75% of teens in the United States text and 63% say that they text on a daily basis (HOTPIROT, 1). It is very important that people reconnect with each other through communication and take a break from “screen-staring” all the time (Boswell, 1).
According to Allison Preston, “We’re losing old-fashioned contact and phone conversations. Our future won’t know how to talk to each other confidently and eventually we will miss all of our surroundings” (1). Social media is taking over everyday relationships and social skills (Lost in Translation, 1). Tablets and phones are pocket size and easy to carry but they cause more destruction than they do good for teens (Boswell, 2). “58% of children twelve years old have a cell phone or some kind of tablet on a daily basis” (Cell phones, 1). From 2009 to 2012 texting rose from 40 messages a day to 60 or mo...

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