Overview: Prague, The City in the Heart of Europe Essay

Overview: Prague, The City in the Heart of Europe Essay

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With the bordering countries of Germany, Austria, Poland, and Slovakia, Prague the capital city of the Czech Republic, lies within a equidistance of the Baltic, Mediterranean, and North Sea, thus it is said to be located in the heart of Europe. An up close look at the city of Prague, shows two sections of land divided by the Vltava River. These main two sections of Prague are known as Lesser Town and Old Town. An even closer look shows these two sections of Prague are made up of separate districts each with its own name and unique characteristics (Prague Experience). These districts of Lesser Town, Castle District, Old Town, Josefov or Jewish district, and New Town each with their own history, architectural landmarks, and cultural experiences make up the beautiful city of Prague.
Lesser Town, also known as Lesser and Little Quarter, is the oldest section of Prague. The original settlement of Prague occurred in the area of present day Lesser Town during the 8th century, but it was not until, 1257 that it was formally established as Lesser Town by Premysl Otakar II. Although Lesser Town was destroyed twice, one in 1419 by a battle and again in 1514 by fire, some of its original buildings can still be found now being used as restaurants and pubs, some with interesting stories attached. The majority of Lesser Town however, is made up of Baroque Palaces and Churches dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries(Prague Experience). At the center of Lesser Town is the Lesser Town square, known as the Malostranske Namesti in Czech (Soukup,127). The area is now filled with offices, foreign embassies, and with gardens (Wilson, 81). At the center of the town square is St. Nicholas Church. Began in 1703 the St. Nicholas Church in Lesser Town i...

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...rdered by his brother. Adjacent to the National Museum is the Prague State Opera , originally as the New German Theatre. Today the Prague State Opera house is the city’s main opera house (Soukup,47). The New Town district covers the largest amount of area of all the districts of Prague.
While Prague is made of many districts, it is overall a compact city that can be toured on foot. From the grand Prague Castle to the more modern Wenceslas Square, Prague is a beautiful city full of interesting history and a unique culture.

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