Overview of the Clip about Jim Performing a Prank on Dwight in The Office

Overview of the Clip about Jim Performing a Prank on Dwight in The Office

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1. Introduction
Workplace related injuries tend to have far reaching repercussions. The concept of safety is rarely considered as a strong contributor in elimination of workplace related injuries. The culture of space is one that involves creation of space that enables individuals to feel and be comfortable, welcome, and safe. This means that there is no discrimination on grounds of biological sex or sexual orientation, cultural background, age, physical or mental ability, race, or gender. This work explores the clip where Jim performs a prank on Dwight in the film The Office. This scene shows unsafe working environment. This report provides a brief overview of the clip, synthesis of the clip in relation to safe space with recommendations given at the end of the analysis.
2. Summary
The film clip starts with Jim explaining how he sends Dwight faxes pranks from the future Dwight (Dwight himself from the future). Dwight sees a colleague holding a cup of coffee and he dashes through the office and strikes the cup out of that colleague as the colleague was about to take a sip from the cup. The coffee is spilt on the floor but Dwight does not offer any explanation for his action.
Dwight is then seen siting opposite Jim where they are engaged in a brief question and answer session. Dwight pulls a drawer to pull out his stapler only to find that his stapler has been put in yellow jello. A colleague interrupts as Dwight shows outrage and another female colleague giggles away. After a small conversation, Jim pulls out a pair of scissors moves to where Dwight is seated on an inflated balloon and stabs the balloon sending Dwight crumbling down. This is followed by another table prank where Dwight’s table is exchanged for cartons and Dwight...

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