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Terrorism is like a virus in the global world. Everyone has a responsibility to eradicate terrorism. Terrorists has no social responsibility, they can create violence in the world and brings war between countries in the world. Social consciousness, Global rules, Regulations and Economy could make change in stopping terrorism and it should be eradicated by people who see future would be without virus and healthy.
First and foremost, the anger is hardly surprising. the terrorist event in our recent history is a reminder of high drama and often tragedy that have seized the attention and fanned the fears of public. Terrorism is a central feature of contemporary history and contemporary awareness. The need for common sense is based on something less apparent than the amount of concern these events have generated and the vividness of the memories they leave. They are not instances of random violence. Behind them there is a purpose. Terrorism is generally the calculated results of carefully selected steps intended to affect domestic or international politics. The effort may be to reduce the credibility of a government or to change particular policies or to strengthen a rival movement. they are always two objectives like, to save the lives of citizens and at the same time, not to lose credibility or independence or stability.
Number 1), Terrorism is violence against the public or property to scare or suppress a government. Terrorist use weapons like radiological, biological, chemical, nuclear and explosive. Chemical agents are like poisonous gases for instance; hydrogen chloride, methyl chloride. They use liquids or solids as well. It has toxic effects on public. It may cause severe damage to the body and leads to death.

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...sm. Terrorism is to create the terror and to decrease the country’s growth economically and financially. To increase the security forces, finding the root cause of phenomenon, strengthening our intelligence and we must modernize our own security and give those best training. following these all like social consciousness, rules and regulations, and economy we could get success in stopping terrorism. Environment is also somehow responsible for a person to become a terrorist but one can fight if he knows the importance of life and national properties and mainly the effects of attacks that would make much difference in globally.

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2. Brown, Michael E., ed, The International Dimensions of internal conflict(1996).Terrorism and America.

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