Overview of South African Public Management Essay

Overview of South African Public Management Essay

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Decision making is most important in matters of administration because leaders have to consult widely among experts before coming up with a decision that will enable the best possible conclusion to be made. In administrative circumstances, in such countries as South Africa, it has been found that it is necessary for the public manager to identify and make a definition of the problem so that he knows who and what his decision is going to affect. Moreover, the answers to the problem identified should be well structured so that they can adequately cover the circumstances surrounding the problem hence an accurate decision been made to solve it.
The South African government has ensured that thorough investigations are carried out because this is the only way through which the causes of the problem can be determined, so that the impact of the situation can be analysed. All the potential alternatives to solving the problems at hand have to be considered because this is what determines the making of the correct decisions (Besosa, 2007). These alternatives have to be considered for their merits and demerits because the decisions made to correspond to the social and economic contexts of the individuals and circumstances they are going to affect. Finally, it has been found to be necessary for the decision makers in administrative circumstances to ensure that they select the best alternative and create a comprehensive plan that can be effectively implemented. It can therefore, be stated that the public management of South Africa involves unelected officials who work within departments at all levels of government and make those decisions that ensure the functions of government are as effective as possible and th...

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