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Overview of Sociologists Essay

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Since the beginning of time, humans have always been curious about themselves and others. Especially when it comes to behavior, interactions and how humans came to be through society. This combination of curiosities led to become a necessary job for the better of society. Sociologists study human development by studying human cultures, institutions, social interactions, religious, and political views (Sociologists). A sociologist is a unique job that offers many financial benefits, a variety of career opportunities, and exciting learning experiences.
Sociologists, depending on their location, have anywhere from an average to an above average salary. Sociologist's salary differs depending on the location and how much that area needs them. For example, the lowest paying area is Utah with an average of $55,070 and the highest paying area is Washington, D.C. with an average of $102,490. On top of that, an average hourly payment is anywhere from $26 to $49. The above average payment would be anywhere in between $37 and $80. While the yearly salary would be between $55,070- $102,490, the above average salary would be between $80,470- $166,400 (Sociologists). Sociologists offer an excellent range of wages that can fit anyone's needs of living. There are still additional benefits to consider.
Besides just the salary of such a unique job, it offers many excellent health benefits. Just a few examples are the group insurance discount plans, home and auto insurance coverage and discounts on many medical and office needs. Many different companies that hire sociologists have what is called group insurance discount plans. These help save on health insurance coverage, disability income, long term care, dental care, and home and a...

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...always been curious about themselves and others. Especially when it comes to behavior, interactions and how humans came to be through society. Now thanks to sociologists, they can tell us exactly what humans like in those those topics stated now and all the way from the beginning of time.

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