Essay about Overview of Press Freedom

Essay about Overview of Press Freedom

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According to Sussman (2001), In 500 B.C., Athenians in Greece enjoyed remarkable freedoms as the writer did not harshly trash the establishment, as Socrates discovered at his execution while In the 21st century, many countries still permit only such limited freedom but the 16th century printing press brought 4 new possibilities for free expression, but the Church and the State soon clamped down. So for centuries thereafter brave citizens tried to share ideas freely, but were harshly restricted even unto death. According to Sussman (2001), the similar aspect of press freedom, since before and now, is the right of the individual to be free of controls, influences and pressures by the state on the content of writing and speaking. In modern times, state controls over speech and writing have become highly change in greater variety and lately more subtle. With such controls that lead to self-censorship by the speaker and writer to avoid censorship or other forms of oppression or suppression.
While Balcha (2004) said that press freedom is the freedom to print or to spread the information by printing, broadcasting or through electronic media without existing of restraints such as licensing requirement or content review and without punish for what is said. The press is a very broad in terms that include newspapers, television, radio, books, lectures, movies, art, dance, telephone, cassettes, CDs, video discs, magazines, electronic bulletin boards, computer networks, billboards, and video tapes. The editor have the full authority to publish any news or article which they think should known by the readers without thinking about any implication that will be faced after the publication. It’s basically free from outside control of professional...

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