Essay on Overview of Network Security

Essay on Overview of Network Security

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Network Security is the protection of the computer’s network though out the entire infrastructure. It can protect very important information and computer files to help prevent theft, spyware, malware, viruses, and more. Depending on if you have a public or private network, can determine what type of security settings you need for your network. All people are different on what they want to have secured or not, but most people do not know how to prevent people or things from getting in their network. “You must have a general understanding of security terminology and specifications as it relates to configuring hardware and software systems.”(Roberts, Richard M. 599). That quote states that by knowing and understanding security terms and specifics, you can
The protection of your network requires a level of network security. If you do not have security on your network, then you are capable of being hacked or receiving malware, spy, virus, and lots more. There are many programs or applications that can help detect and prevent strange activities on your computer, but there is also ways that you can help prevent anything from happening. Creating a password for your network is a good start toward protection of your computer. Try to make the password something only you would know, and maybe throw some numbers in there as well to maximize protection. It is good to know who all is on your network and internet; because if someone were to log on to your internet from a distance, they could plant viruses and other things into your files on the network. Quite a bit of problems occur in network when file sharing takes place in a work place to copy or manage files. Most of the time when this happens, no one sets the security setting up themselves,...

... middle of paper ... Security Article). With this given information in the essay, is a great start to learn how to keep your network secure. This is only a small part of the prevention of infiltration of your network and computer. If one desires to learn more, go above and beyond and continue to learn on how to keep your network secure.

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