Overview of Multiple Personality Disorder Essay

Overview of Multiple Personality Disorder Essay

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Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder)
Mental disorders have perplexed physicians, psychiatrists and the general public since the beginning of time. One specific disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), also known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), has caused controversy between those who believe it is real and those who think it is purely part of an individual’s imagination. For those who believe strongly in its presence, it poses very existent consequences and hardships. Dissociative Identity Disorder has many causes, symptoms, and treatments; unfortunately, those who don’t take it seriously use it as a victim for others undiagnosed complications.
Numerous theories attempt to explain the causes behind MPD, yet none have been scientifically proven. While there is no confirmed cause of MPD, the leading psychological theory about how the condition develops is as a response to childhood trauma. An annual report states, “97% of MPD victims report a history of childhood trauma, most commonly a combination of emotional, physical and sexual abuse” (McClendon 1992 p.165). The victim then, after learning to disentangle themselves from the event (making it seem as if it did not happen or forget details) will rapidly learn this as a defense mechanism for other problems enormous or insignificant. The well-defined personalities aid various roles in helping the individual manage with life’s dilemmas. Additionally, “if the multiple personality disorder is caused by childhood trauma it is likely remembered only as a series of perceptual information- fleeting images, olfactory, auditory, or olfactory sensations” (McClendon 1992 p.178). However, MPD has been known to be triggered exclusively by organic cau...

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...being a second Salem witch hunt. Those who believe it is real argue that those who suffer it have suffered childhood trauma which is now affecting them. Others argue that if it is fictitious then the victims are displaying histrionic personality disorder, or the need for attention or approval.

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