Overview of Lincoln's Assassination Essay

Overview of Lincoln's Assassination Essay

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Lincoln’s inauguration was a debatable topic throughout the country. In the North, his upcoming presidency was highly supported. He was very open about his negative thoughts on slavery and opposed its expansion. The same thing that made him loved in the North, however, made him hated in the South. Even before he was inaugurated, he was receiving death threats by knives, guns, and poison ink (“The Unsuccessful Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln”). These threats were taken seriously and he had to be snuck into Washington before his first inauguration due to an assassination plot (“The Unsuccessful Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln”). Throughout his presidency, the threats kept coming. In his desk drawer, he had an envelope labeled “Assassination” with more than eighty death threats inside (O’Reilly 80).
The assassination attempt before he entered office and the abundant murder threats should have led to tighter security and more protection on the President. This, however, was not the case. Part of this is because of Lincoln himself. Toward the end of the war in 1864, as the threats got more serious, he did have armed officers with him for protection. In the book “Lincoln’s Last Days” by Bill O’Reilly, it says that armed officers protected him in shifts. There were two with him from eight in the morning to four in the afternoon, one at midnight, and one posted outside Lincoln’s bedroom as he slept, who also would follow him around the White House when he could not sleep (O’Reilly 77). Lincoln did not like being constantly watched, though. Despite the abundant threats, he would say, “If I am killed I can die but once. But to live in constant dread is to die over and over again” (O’Reilly 78). He was not afraid of being assassinated. He was righ...

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