Essay about Overview of Cork Cambium

Essay about Overview of Cork Cambium

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Overtime, vascular plants have evolved in order to adapt to the new and changing environment, and one of those being the development of secondary growth. Secondary growth is defines as the increase in diameter of the stems, roots, or branches. This growth was most likely developed and evolved due to an increasing demand for sunlight in the lateral meristems of dicots and some gymnosperms. Cork cambium is one of the two lateral meristems which makes up the periderm along with cork and phelloderm in the stems. The periderm acts like epidermis in term of secondary protective tissue with multilayer for the plants. Beside from the protection aspect, cork cambium also have many uses for in modern day. Cork cambium is a unique structure in vascular plants that over the course of years have changed and learn to adapt to it environment for different species. This adaptation of cork cambium is important for vascular plants, but sometime could be overshadow by vascular cambium of secondary growth.
Secondary growth increases the girth of plants and have first been spotted in a type of fern during the Devonian period. This type of growth has been developed to compete with other plants during the Devonian period in order to achieve more sunlight for photosynthesis and for spores or seeds dispersal (Rachel 2010). In order to compete with other plants, it must reach new height and be flexible with the help of thicker stems, roots, or branches. This type of growth occurs only in dicots and some gymnosperms in vascular plants which are not found in monocots (Secondary Growth 2009). Two lateral meristems are involved in secondary growth which are cork cambium and vascular cambium. Meristems is a type of tissue which is made up of meristematic cel...

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