Essay on Overview of Computer Programming

Essay on Overview of Computer Programming

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Computer Programming is a big industry. Without it, computers, video games, the internet, and even cell phones would not exist. Jobs are not scarce for computer programming today. Almost everything we use has to do with technology, and computer programmers are needed in order to make the projects happen. Computer programming is one of the more challenging jobs out in the world. Someone who quits easily when things get hard, or when something is not working the way that they want it to, will not succeed in computer programming. It takes a lot of time and dedication in order to complete a task for an employer.
When it comes to computer programming there is a lot of history. (Ferguson) It all started with the invention of the difference engine. (Ferguson) It was made by Charles Babbage in 1822. (Ferguson) Computers require a means of instructing in order to complete a task. (Ferguson) “Computer languages were first composed of a series of steps to wire a particular program; these morphed into the computer and then executed; later these languages acquired advanced features such as logical branching and object orientation” (Ferguson)
Byte was the first computer language. (Ferguson) Byte is comprised of 0’s and 1’s. (Ferguson) The programmer had to translate the code of the program by hand in order for the computer to read it. (Ferguson) It was the first major step towards the advanced computer languages of today. (Ferguson) Grace Hopper wrote the first compiler “A-0” in 1951. (Ferguson) The compiler translated the programmer’s code into 0’s and 1’s automatically, thus allowing programs to be completed faster, as the programmer no longer had to translate the code by hand. (Ferguson) The first major languages first appeared in the for...

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...closes, can take up to 50 lines of code, or even more! So an advanced program, such as Adobe Photoshop, can not be programmed in just one day. Even if you were sitting there, copying down the code, it would take more than 24 hours, because of how much programming it took.

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